As we age, our bodies are constantly changing. We get a few wrinkles and gray hairs. Then a few more. We slow down and seem to become weaker. In a way, this makes inactivity seem like the most logical decision. It’s not really the best option, though.

There are truly a lot of benefits to a continued exercise regimen as we age. It doesn’t need to be extremely intense, but it should be a routine part of our week. 30 minutes five times a week would be pretty ideal.

Exercising regularly will help you maintain a healthy weight. Staying active and eating well will mean you don’t put on much weight with age. It also means staying physically healthy. When you exercise regularly, you lower your chances or at least slow down any possible disease. Age brings with it a higher chance of certain diseases, but exercise is a great way to fight that possibility.

Exercise also helps improve mobility and balance. These are things that often get worse with age, but exercise will help maintain at least slow down a decline in mobility and balance. Even as we get older it is still possible to improve our physical health. Exercise isn’t just about preventing the negative. It is also about an overall improvement. Exercise can provide an improvement to mobility and balance, which generally decline with age. It can also help strengthen muscles, which would potentially atrophy with a sedentary lifestyle.

Regular exercise can also help improve quality of sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, there can be up to a 65 percent improvement in sleep quality when a person exercises 150 minutes a week.

There is also a boost in mood when someone exercises regularly. Particularly right after exercising, there can be a clear improvement in mood. Even if you feel unmotivated before exercising, you’ll feel happy you did when it’s over.

These are not the only benefits that come with exercising, but you can clearly see that these benefits alone provide plenty of reason to exercise regularly. It will be of benefit to you both in the present and in the future.

Here at the Elk Creek Senior Living Community we’re happy to be able to offer a few different physical fitness classes. We’re happy to serve seniors in Burleson with both assisted living and memory care. In both of these communities, we offer a variety of activities to help our residents maintain both their mind and body healthy. We encourage residents to make a couple of these activities a part of their routine.

For more information on our fitness activity options or our senior living community in general, fee free to contact us.