“I am an Elk Creek Assisted Living resident. Knowing that I wanted to move to Burleson, I began to inquire about this mode of living. A dear friend of mine came to mind and I asked her because she knew a lot about this way of life. My big question was where would you live if you wanted to live in Burleson. She immediately, without hesitation, told me Elk Creek Assisted Living. I took her advice and here I am today. I feel safe and well taken care of.

I would encourage your or a family member interested to come by and have a tour of this establishment. You won’t be sorry. It has been worth it to me.”


Assisted Living Resident

“Thank you for listening to me today and helping with the decision about Mom. I have peace about it and Mom was on cloud nine when I left. Thank you for taking time and showing Mom that she is truly cared for at Elk Creek. I see that she is happy each time I visit and that alone has made the decision easier to leave her there.

I just felt so lost and afraid for Mom and just unsure of how things were going to turn out. Mom has always told us growing up and even now as adults “God will take care of us” Who knew???? Well God did know…..He knew she would be staying at Elk Creek and He also knew you would be working closer to home as well as allowing my Mom to still see a familiar face and have the attachment to you that hopefully will grow. His plan at work…….Thanks again!”


Daughter of Memory Care Resident

“I Moved my sweet Daddy into Elk Creek. Now if that isn’t a testament for Elk Creek, I don’t know what is. I am so thankful to the team for all the encouragement and love my family has received. It truly is eye opening when it hits home. I am able to understand on a deeper level with what are families experience daily. I am truly thankful!”

Jennifer S.

Activity Director at Elk Creek Assisted Living and Memory Care

“In April of 2016, my mother had a stroke. At that time we knew that we were going to need to move my parents, Vernon and Beverly, from independent living to assisted living, but the big question was where? I knew that Elk Creek was in the process of being completed, and it just so happened that the weekend I was looking into it was an open house. I stopped by that day, not knowing what to expect. Once I entered and looked around, I knew this was a special place, the right place, for my parents. It was not just the beautiful decorations that drew me in, but the people that were there to calm my fears and worries and assure me that this move was going to a good one!

Fast forward to today, and every time I step into Elk Creek, where my parents, ages 89 and 93, now reside, it confirms to me over and over again, how right my first impression was. From the moment my parents moved in, it has been the staff that has made the difference. You can have a beautiful building, but what really matters most are the people that work there. I cannot say how thankful and overwhelmed I am when I see the care and attention my parents receive. I know everyday they are treated with love and respect, and are given the utmost attention when it comes to their care.

Louis, Craig and Shelby are always there to answer questions or give guidance. Alex makes sure that all is working right in the apartment and building. Jennifer, the activity director is absolutely fabulous. She always has an activity going on and her knack for decorating is to be envied! The caregivers, Desiree, Rosemary, Amber and Rachel are there serving, loving, and checking up on my parents to make sure ALL their needs are met. What would I do without them?!! The wellness director, Shametra, and her assistant, Jan….well, there are not enough words to tell how extremely thankful I am for these ladies. They are constantly checking on the health and well-being of my parents, and I know if there is ever a concern, they will be quick to let me know. They answer ALL my questions, however great or small, and I know they will follow through with the plans we have set up for my parents’ care. All of the staff work countless hours, day and night, tending to all the needs of the residents and do it with a happy attitude! They are ALL WONDERFUL!

For me and my whole family, moving my parents to Elk Creek Assisted Living has been one the best decisions made for this season in their lives. In my opinion, you won’t find a better place!

Elk Creek will become home to your beloved and the staff will become like your family. What more can you ask for when you know it is time to make that difficult move? Having the staff be the very heart of Elk Creek is what makes it the special place it is! My parents and I are overwhelmed with all the love you give each and every day! So THANK YOU; we think you are THE BEST!”


Daughter of Vernon and Beverly